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Satellite Dish Installation and Repair

Sky TV or FreeSat is received through a satellite dish from a satellite, then the set top receiver converts the signal into a high quality digital signal for your digital TV, providing entertainment including sports, cutting edge drama and documentaries, all which can be viewed in either standard or high definition.

We have all experienced the “no satellite signal” or pixilating on the television, the problem most commonly being that the dish has moved slightly or there may be something blocking the line of sight from the satellite to the receiving dish, usually trees that have grown over a period of time.


So, if the viewing disruption becomes unacceptable we can offer a satellite dish re-alignment service, including digital calibration of the signal. We can re-locate your dish for improved reception or if it turns out the dish is faulty, we can install a new satellite dish. 


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Typical installation charges


£35 for dish re-alignment and calibration


£75 for new satellite dish installation including alignment, calibration and cable to one point reception


£95 for new satellite dish installations including alignment, calibration and cable to one point reception and cable for digital recording


£50 for single point from satellite receiver to an extension point with magic eye included and £20 per extra point including amplifier


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We can distribute the satellite signal throughout your home for viewing in multiple rooms.


If you would like to view Sky in other rooms of your home we can supply and install a cable straight from the receiver to either a specific room or via an amplifier to 2 or more rooms in your home. Magic eyes are also available so that you can change the channels from your Sky service in any other room.


This gives you the advantage of being able to watch SKY in many rooms with a single subscription. 


If you are moving home and need a new dish and cable installing or even if you just require an extra point in another room to give you the flexibility to move the receiver into any room we can accommodate your needs, all to fit in with you and your house move.

If you have had a Sky Engineer or a Sky Contractor out and they could not complete your installation to your requirements, in most cases we can find another solution as to where the satellite dish can go, or where you prefer it to be fitted and the cables ran.




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