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Communal System Installations

A Communal aerial and satellite system, often known as an IRS (Intergrated Reception System) is the most flexible type of system to install as a landlord. It provides the 'means' for your tenants to be able to watch satellite, digital TV and listen to DAB radio.

For example, if a tenant wanted to receive Sky digital, then they would need to subscribe to Sky themselves and get a Sky Digital box also themselves. With a pre installed IRS, the signals will be present for the tenant to connect up to in their tenancy, without the need to go on to the roof or to add new dishes to the external of the building.

Redvale Communications can install an IRS system to your property, repair your existing installation, or even upgrade an existing system.


 Satellite dish, digital compatible aerial, DAB and FM aerial 

 External support bracket & mast

 High quality coaxial cable
 All equipment fitted, aligned and calibrated by digital signal meter

 Amplifer and multiswitches

 Multi output sockets for Sky, Freeview, DAB and FM

 1 year parts & labour guarantee as standard*


We provide a FREE NO OBLIGATION visit where we can discuss your requirements in further detail, and provide clear and concise costs prior to any works being carried out. We do not charge a 'Call Out' fee, and there is no cost payable for our FREE HOME VISIT.


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An Integrated Reception System or IRS offers the ultimate in digital TV choice for multiple tenant properties.

By receiving the broadcast signals from terrestrial and satellite transmitters, as well as Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB) and FM, it leaves those who reside in multiple occupancy apartments free to choose exactly how they receive their digital entertainment.

Residents or tennants can connect their digital receiver or digital TV to the outlet in their home, giving them a choice of what to watch.

In smaller IRS systems, only a single multi-switch is needed which is often situated at roof level.

Larger systems can have multiple multi-switches, with various outputs. Multiple multi-switches are connected to a backbone of cables that may run through a central riser or be fixed onto the outside of the building itself. 

An IRS system delivers access to satellite signal receivers as if they were connected directly to a satellite dish.

Installing two separate feeds to each dwelling, has become standard practice and the preferred option for many tenants as it gives them access to the much sought after Sky+ system.

Digital terrestrial signal only

If satellite TV and radio signals are not required for whatever reason, then we can also offer a Digital Terrestrial only system. These options differ from IRS by only offering Freeview and DAB radio. For those premises, where giving residents the optimum choice of satellite TV is not a prime objective, this is ideal.


Satellite Master Antenna Television or S.M.A.T.V systems are usually used in environments where the type and number of channels required needs to be controlled, i.e. care homes, prisons, hospitals and holiday resorts and hotels.

A unit processes the signals into the limited range of freely available channels and distributes them to each point.  Guests can then access selected channels they would like to watch through a pay per view systems.


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