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Satellite dishes, HD upgrades and multipoint viewing 

Q. Can I watch sky channels on other TVs in our home?

A. Yes, we can install cables from your existing sky receiver to one other point or many other TVís via an amplifier, and if we fitted ďmagic eyesĒ you would be able to turn the channel over from any TV.

Q. I keep getting a NO SIGNAL from my sky services?

A. There may be a problem with your dish or cables, or there may be trees in the way of the dish, effecting the reception, we could realign your dish or look at moving it to a more suitable position, either way we can fix the problem.

Digital aerials and multipoints

Q. I keep getting squares and a crackling sound from my TV.

A. There could be a problem with your aerial or cable, possibly due to age, we would test the signal. With our high spec Meters we diagnose the fault, and tell you how to correct the problem.

Q. There is water coming out of the end of the TV cable?

A. the Aerial that you have has a degraded due to age, letting water run down the inside of the cable, the only way to remedy this is to replace the aerial and the cable to your TV.

Q. We have multiple TVís in our home but only one aerial?

A. Only one aerial is required, we could come out and fit a distribution box or amplifier and feed cables to your other TVís in your home, giving you perfect digital Television throughout your home.

Freesat and Freesat HD

Q. We are thinking about ending our contract with our current TV provider as it is too expensive?

A. We could use your existing dish or fit a new one if you donít have one and fit a Freesat HD recorder, giving you High Definition channels for a one off payment with no Monthly fees.

Q. We are thinking about upgrading our TV service but we still like to record programmes?

A. We could fit a Freesat Recorder, giving you the option to record all your favourite programmes including HD all in one receiver.

IRS+ Combined digital reception for Commercial/Residential properties

Q. I am a landlord and some of my residents are asking about the availability of sky to their apartments as they only have Digital TV

A. We could fit a Combined reception system (IRS+) into your apartments, using one TV aerial and one Satellite dish,  giving your tenants the choice to have digital freeview or if they want the option to have Sky TV, without the need for multiple satellite dishes all over your properties.

CCTV domestic and commercial, including DVR and networked viewing over Laptop or smartphone

Q. How many cameras should i have on an average size home?

A. We would suggest you have 4 external cameras fitted covering the front door, garage or driveway. With cameras at the rear of the property, covering the rear door or possibly a shed or the garden.

Q. How would i view the pictures from my cameras?

A. We could set up the Digital video recorder to connect to your internet connection,  giving full camera viewing from your PC, laptop, iPhone or smartphone, meaning you could view your home from anywhere in the world.

Domestic Alarm installation

Q. How can i protect my property from burglary?

A. We could install an Alarm system to your home and combined with CCTV would give you the protection you require

Plasma and LCD installations and mounting

Q. I would like my new LCD TV mounting on the wall but do not want to see the cables?

A. We could hide the cables in an indiscreet cable trunking or chisel away a section of your plaster, bury the cables and make good afterwards, giving that true home cinema feel.

Home cinema setup and custom installation

Q. Iíve bought a home cinema surround system but cannot get some speakers to work properly?

A. We can set up your system for you, ensuring optimum performance, and for that true cinema feel we could mount your speakers to the wall or ceiling and bury the cables

Telephone extensions

Q. I need a telephone point in our bedroom and lounge, is this possible?

A. We could run a second, third or fourth telephone point for you meaning any room in your house could have a telephone point including a point for your Sky receiver.

Door entry systems

Q. I live in an upstairs flat and struggle to answer the door due to a disability, how could you help?

A. We could fit a door entry system, giving you a phone handset fitted in your lounge and a bell/speech unit at your front door. When you speak to the person at the door and you are happy to let them in, press a button on the phone which releases a lock and lets the person in, meaning less times up and down your stairs.

Video door entry

Q. I would like to see who is at the front door without opening it?

A. We could fit a video entry system, which has a camera on a unit at the front door, and a receiver anywhere in your house or apartment, letting you see the person before you let them in

Wireless Network Setup

Q. I have a broadband connection but have a laptop, how can i use it around my house without wires?

A. We could fit a wireless router to your broadband system and configure it for you, giving you the option of wireless internet, so you could use your laptop in any room of your house wire free.




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