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Door Entry and Intercom Systems

Our audio/video intercom systems offer the perfect, modern day solution for door entry security and any disability or accessibility issues for answering and opening the door.

We would fit a  discreet wall mounted unit outside the front door and install a phone or touch panel inside you property where you specify. When the phone rings you would speak to the person at the door, when your happy you know them you could press a button to release the lock and let the person in, meaning stairs or distance wouldn’t be a problem.



 Weatherproof external audio or video unit

 Telephone or touch panel style receiver unit

 High quality cable and power supply
 Electric lock fitted to the door, opened at the touch of a button 

 Yale Lock fitted if required for added security

 Up to 4 handsets or units per system
 1 year parts & labour guarantee as standard


Typical installation prices start from

£ 160 for a single door intercom system

£ 240 as above but with door lock mechanism for 1 touch release of door

£ 349 for high resolution camera, intercom and handset or unit with lock mechanism for 1 touch release of door

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Domestic Intercom and Door Entry Systems

Audio door entry systems consist of an Intercom panel at the front door connected to a door phone in the flat, apartment or office and an electric lock fitted to the main front door.  


Visitor at door presses the button on the entry door panel and the telephone or panel in the home will ring with a different tone to that of a normal phone call. To talk to the visitor just pick up any phone or press a button on a call panel.

You do not need to physically open the door to know who is there.  When the person at the door rings the bell, all of phones will ring if you have more than one. You simply pick up any phone and speak to whoever is at the door, turn them away there and then if you need to without even opening the door.


 Ideal for the elderly or disabled


 Provides extra security by not having to open the door


 Quick and easily turn unwanted callers away without having to do it face to face


 Ideal if you are in another part of the house


 Perfect if you are busy with children or have just got out of the bath


The door phones are available in different colours and can be wall or table mounted.

The Video Intercom System will allow the owner to see the visitor as well as talk to them. The high quality screens offer a clear image of the visitor standing outside with the assistance of miniature infra-red lighting around the built in camera at the front door. The outside intercom panels are available in most colours and can be flush mounted and fitted with the minimum disruption. These units also have the facility to open the door remotely.


Residential and Commercial Intercom systems

Commercial Intercom systems are now considered by many as an essential part for any development of offices or flats in the U.K. For much larger applications, we offer multi channel audio/video Intercom systems that can accommodate the needs of bigger buildings. Our video systems are available in colour and are ideal for apartments, flat complexes and offices. These systems can range from 2 channels upwards and can be tailored to fit any requirements; they are heavy-duty and designed for busy environments.

For complete buildings, we also offer a 1st and 2nd fix service. 1st fix involves running cables during the building process to conceal wires. 2nd fix involves installing handsets and front panels at a later date, after completion of the building process. Please contact us to arrange an assessment and a free quotation.

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